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We are dedicated to partnering with the best Auto Glass service provider in the Redding area. Our partner can repair and replace your windshield quickly and to the highest quality and safety standards. Windshield replacement is necessary after any collision, but it doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. We are proud of our auto glass service partner and ensure that your new windshield fits perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or dry rot. Windshield replacement should be done as soon as possible because these damages can lead to much more expensive problems down the line! Our service partner also offers mirror repairs for side mirrors and rearview mirrors that may come loose due to wear and tear.
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Windshield Repair

In the past, windshields were usually replaced instead of repaired. However, today’s windshield technology allows for the repair of chips and cracks that would have been too difficult to fix in the past. WINDOW REPAIR is a process used by professionals to inject a polymer blend into damaged areas on your car’s windshield and seal it up with an adhesive. WINDOW REPAIR will eliminate any problems caused by small imperfections or cracks while making sure drivers can see the road clearly at all times! Our Auto Glass service partner specializes in repairing and replacing the auto glass. Windshield repair is what they do best, but they also offer a wide range of other services, such as re-gluing mirrors onto their brackets if they were knocked loose during an accident or car wash. They come to your location and fix the problem for you with no hassle!
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Rock Chip Repair

Rock chip repair is a common fix for cars, but it can also be used on your home windows. Rock chips are often a sign that there’s an underlying problem, such as the glass being tinted to dark or scratched, which will require additional repairs. Rock chips can also lead to cracks and other damage to the windshield. Rock chip repair may seem like an easy solution at first; however, failing to address a potentially inexpensive repair could result in high-cost replacement through insurance. Many insurance providers offer rock chip coverage with no out-of-pocket cost to you! A rock chip in your windshield is a small problem, but it can become an even bigger one if not taken care of quickly. Rock chips also cost less than full window replacements, so why not call today for fast, professional service? Our service partner has Rock Chip Repair services that will be done in as little as 30 minutes!
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Leaky Window Repair

It starts with a small drip. Then, you’ll notice water accumulating on your dashboard and soaking through the seats in your car. Windshield leaking can be a major problem for drivers everywhere. Still, it is especially troublesome if you encounter rainy days in the Redding area or have an older vehicle that doesn’t have built-in windshield wipers. But there’s no reason to drown in despair if you have encountered a leaky window. Our service partner is here to help! They are experts in fixing your problem for you – at prices, you can afford.
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Mobile Window Service

You have just been rear-ended, and your car’s windshield is shattered. You are now faced with the decision of whether to wait for an appointment at a nearby auto glass company or get it repaired right this minute. If you choose the latter, our Auto Glass partners’ Mobile team might be able to help! Their mobile service technicians can come directly to you to repair your damaged vehicle as quickly as possible, sometimes even within 30 minutes! Mobile Window Service has several types of services offered – they offer rock chip repairs, windscreen replacements, door glasses and back glass replacement. No matter what type of window problem you have on your vehicle, our service partner will be able to fix it for a quick turnaround time!
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Windshield replacement - Auto Glass Redding CA
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Windshield Replacement

Your car’s windows are one of the most important components to its structural integrity. Window glass is needed for your airbag to deploy correctly and also helps protect you from injury during a collision. Window installations should be handled by professionals who adhere to industry guidelines and federal regulations. Our certified partner is trained in the latest techniques and hardware, ensuring quality and safety. They also undergo periodic training with manufacturers to know that your safety is the number one priority.
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